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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Sue Geuens

Sue started in Data Management during 1996 when she was handed a disk with a list of builders on it and told they were hers to manage. Sue mentions this as fate taking over and providing her with what she was "meant to do". Various data roles later, her clients numbered 3 of the top 4 banking institutions in SA, a number of telco's and various pension funds, insurance companies and health organisations. Sue was the initial designer of data quality matching algorithms for a SA built Data Quality and Matching tool (Plasma Mind). This experience has stood her in good stead as she has slowly but surely climbed the ladder in Southern Africa to become the first CDMP in the country. Sue worked tirelessly on starting up DAMA SA with the successful Inaugural meeting in February of 2009. She was unanimously voted as President just prior to this event. From that time on Sue has been the leader and driving force of the DAMA SA Board. 

Sue was the DAMAI VP Operations from 2011 to 2013; and is the current DAMA International President - the first non-US person to be so. She is a sought after presenter and has been a prominent speaker at EDW since 2009 and IRMUK since 2006. Many other DAMA chapter and other organisations request her presentations, keynotes and workshops on data governance, data quality and data management.  Her thought–provoking presentation on Practical Data Governance has sparked interest all over the world and she has been asked to return to a number of countries to meet with key clients on this topic. During her time as DAMA I President Sue has also been asked to present on various non-data topics.

Membership Director
Howard Diesel

Howard Diesel is a Data Management Consultant, who has over a span of 30 years, serviced a host of companies from diverse sectors of business. Companies such as Rennies Travel, BIDVEST Steiner and ABSA have made use of his wealth of expertise. He has been part of Modelware Systems Management since 1995 purchasing it outright in 2003.


Howard studied Computer Science at the University of the Witwatersrand, completing an Honours Degree in Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. He has recently been accredited with International DAMA Certification from DAMA International.

Howard is adept at identifying and implementing solutions for serious data problems. He is passionate about coaching and mentoring the data community through Customer Development, analysing organisations needs using DAMA principles.

In 2011 he was chosen to be part of the Microsoft SQL Server Seattle’s certification process and in 2012 he was part Microsoft SQL Server’s Beta Program.

Howard lives in Germiston with is wife Veronica and any of his 4 children that are not traveling. Howard’s other passion is motorbikes and he loves long road trips here and abroad.

Ethics Officer
Position Filled - watch this space

Position filled - watch this space

Events Director

If you are interested in this position, please send email to with a short bio, reasons why you feel you would fit this position and a short plan of action for the next 6 months period

Operations Director
Bradley Ragavan

Mr. Inderasen Ragavan started his working career as a codifier with LOGTEK after receiving T2 Electronic Engineering at ML Sultan Technicon. While working at LOGTEK, he received a Diploma in Material Management and completed various codification courses. Worked mainly on South African Defense Force projects, in the NATO environment. After 10 Years of service at LOGTEK, he moved to Pilog (PTY) LTD as a senior data manager and was the team lead for the cataloguing team.

He worked in the various sectors i.e. Mining, Petrochemical, defense and utility projects in South Africa and worked on various projects in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India and OMAN projects. He has extensive knowledge in the MASTER DATA QUALITY products and service space.

Mr. Inderasen Ragavan is currently the MD of PILOG SA (PTY) LTD and the Senior Data Manager for the PILOG Group of Companies

Liaison & Finance Director
Pieter Strydom

Pieter has a Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Pretoria, South Africa, and furthered his studies with a MBL from Unisa. He started his career at Eskom as Maintenance Engineer in the nuclear field. He was member of the nuclear governance body monitoring and controlling all nuclear related activities at Koeberg Power Station where he managed a number of research and development projects on behalf of Eskom. Mr. Strydom continued his career with Starnode and is currently the Managing Director for PiLog Africa. Mr. Strydom is well known internationally for his contribution to the cataloguing and codification world. Mr. Strydom is contracted by numerous clients to assist with the establishment of a Master Data Management Strategy for their companies. Mr. Strydom is involved with the development of cataloguing standards and Ontology’s and was one of the initiators and developers of a cataloguing standard and methodology for services. Mr. Strydom, as board member of ECCMA, is currently the secretary of the ECCMA Services Industry Content Standardization Council (SICSC) and vice Chairman for the SABS technical committee looking at data standards. Mr. Strydom has presented numerous papers on Master Data Management across the Globe.

Education Director
Gcobisa Gaxela

Gcobisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Applied Mathematics and Mathematics as majors. She got into the world of IT when she completed an MCSE. She found databases to be more interesting and trained to be an Oracle DBA. On not finding a job as a DBA she was employed as an MIS trainee in the financial services sector. She fell in love with process management and excelled in that.

On leaving the financial services sector, she was employed as an Oracle Data Specialist in the Utilities sector. That is where her love for Data Management developed. She has been in the field of Data Management for 11 years. She has done data management for utilities, higher education, telecommunications, medical aid and financial services. She obtained her CDMP in 2012. She is currently a data quality steward in the financial services sector



DAMA Southern Africa is a registered Not for Profit Section 21 organisation (Reg. No: 2006/038393/08). It is a requirement of the Companies Act that we have serving directors on our Board.

In addition to complying to South Africa's legal requirements, we are also required to comply to DAMA International requirements:

Signed Affiliation Agreement including payment of annual Affiliation Fee

Code of Ethics signed annually by all Directors and Officers

Non Disclosure Agreements signed annually by all Directors and Officers


With any board, there is always tons of work to do. We are always looking for volunteers to assist us in our endeavours. If you have around 5 hours per week available, are passionate about data and the management thereof, can work together with many different kinds of people and are willing to do volunteer work (means you don't get paid), please contact us at We are currently looking for assistance with:

Events Administration

Data Standards / Education & Careers Committees