The Global Data Management Community

Body of Knowledge

DAMA International and affiliated chapters are dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of information and data management and supporting DAMA members and their organizations to address their information and data management needs.

To fulfill this mission, DAMA-I sponsors and facilitates the development of bodies of knowledge through its community of experts as well as developing certification and training programs.

  • DAMA Dictionary of Data Management (Version 2)
  • DAMA Guide to Data Management Body of Knowledge (Version 1)
  • Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) credential
  • Data Governance and Stewardship Professional (DGSP) credential

DAMA Southern Africa is extremely pleased to add to this in the form of discounts (members and non-members receive varying levels of discount) on the very best data management books available. You can't buy the DMBoK or DM Dictionary cheaper anywhere else! To purchase the book of your choice, please send click here to send an email with your selection. Once we have received payment in our bank account, you will be able to collect these books from a DAMA SA Director or Officer.

DAMA SA - Books, Posters and T-shirts

Book Author Non-Member Price Member Price
DMBok CD DAMA I  R350,00  R315,00
DM Dict Terms CD DAMA I  R350,00  R315,00
Both CD's DAMA I  R600,00  R540,00
DQ Assessment Arkady Maydanchik  R400,00  R360,00
DM for Business Steve Hoberman, et al  R250,00  R225,00
DM Made Simple Steve Hoberman  R250,00  R225,00
DM Theory & Practice Graeme Simsion  R400,00  R360,00
DMBok in Print DAMA I  R670,00  R603,00
DM Dictionary in Print DAMA I  R370,00  R333,00
fruITion Chris Potts  R180,00  R162,00
recrEAtion Chris Potts  R180,00  R162,00
Data Resource Simplexity Michael Brackett  R370,00  R333,00
Building the Agile Database Larry Burns  R350,00  R315,00
Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse William Inmon  R300,00  R270,00
Enterprise Model Patterns David Hay  R705,00  R634,50
How Work Gets Done Artie Mahal  R280,00  R252,00
The Hidden Corporation David Schleshinger  R180,00  R162,00
UML and Data Modeling David Hay  R350,00  R315,00
DMBoK Enterprise Server License DAMA I  R2 750,00  R2 500,00
DM Dictionary Enterprise Server License DAMA I  R2 200,00  R2 000,00
10 Steps to Executing Data Quality Projects Danette McGilvray  R440,00  R400,00
Analytical Puzzle David Haertzen  R242,00  R220,00
T-Shirts - Breaking the Data Barrier XXL  R80,00  R80,00
T-Shirts - Breaking the Data Barrier XL  R80,00  R80,00
T-Shirts - Breaking the Data Barrier L  R80,00  R80,00
T-Shirts - Breaking the Data Barrier M  R80,00  R80,00
T-Shirts - Breaking the Data Barrier S  R80,00  R80,00
Posters Turning Data into an Asset  R80,00  R80,00
Posters A World of Data in our Hands  R80,00  R80,00
Posters Your Guide to Data Management  R80,00  R80,00
Posters Bad Data Sucks  R80,00  R80,00
Posters Breaking Data Barriers  R80,00  R80,00
Posters Where Data and Humanity Meet  R80,00  R80,00
Set of all 6 posters    R440,00  R400,00